About Us

Sauben's Guiding Principles

Our ethos at Sauben is based on our guiding principles:

  1. Deliver the best in design and quality, without compromise, so that every Sauben product serves as an ambassador for our brand.
  2. Embrace the concept of simplicity when it comes to design, because it's not just the obvious features, but the small details, that make our products truly stand out.
  3. Ensure that every product is built to last, by utilising the finest materials and engineering techniques available.

By never compromising on our company ethos, we have created some of the most sophisticated toilet seats in the world.

A Passion for Improving the Bathroom Experience

Our team of researchers, designers, engineers and technical experts are always looking for new technologies to integrate into our products. Whether that's releasing brand-new features or simply improving comfort and convenience, we strive to make every Sauben product the best it can possibly be.

All of our products are created with passion and have been crafted to perfection. We don't just create beautiful products: we go above and beyond to ensure our customers enjoy an unparalleled bathroom experience.

We stand behind our products with a leading 3-year warranty, so you can enjoy your new smart toilet seat with confidence.

Putting Innovation at the Heart of Our DNA

At Sauben, innovation is the heartbeat of our company. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our products and push the boundaries of what's possible with smart toilet seat technology.

With a suite of adjustable features, you can tailor your bathroom experience with ease. Whether you're looking for an accessible toilet solution or you simply want a luxury upgrade for your bathroom, we make sure that every product we design or manufacture has been thoughtfully created with our customers’ needs in mind.

Our commitment to innovation ensures that Sauben products are always ahead of the curve and we can provide our customers with the best possible experience.