Bidet vs Toilet Paper: Which Way Reigns Supreme?

When it comes to hygiene, there are a lot of options to choose from. But which is the best for you: a bidet or toilet paper? While both have their pros and cons, we're going to break down which reigns supreme in the end. So whether you're looking to save some money on tissue or want to be extra clean, keep reading for the deciding factors.

The environment

Toilet paper comes in plastic packaging

Toilet paper packaged in plastic is an obvious problem for our environment. Not only does it mean that the toilet paper itself is wasteful, but the plastic packaging also adds to the already alarming amount of non-biodegradable waste in the world. We must find better ways of packaging and transporting our toilet paper that does not rely on plastics – reusable containers, biodegradable bags or alternate materials made from recycled paper are all possibilities to consider.

Moreover, many businesses have now adopted practices like cardboard wrapping or zero plastic initiatives to help protect our environment and reduce their carbon footprint. Reducing our reliance on plastic packages is essential if we want to know that future generations can enjoy a clean and healthy Earth.

white and black polka dot toilet paper

Toilet paper requires a lot of energy to produce

Toilet paper comes with an environmental cost that many people are unaware of. It requires a large amount of energy to produce, transport, and eventually use. The large year-round demand for toilet paper also means that manufacturers must deforest forests to make sure there is always ample raw material supply.

The production process produces a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change and other ecological destruction. To reduce this burden on the environment, consumers should think critically about how much toilet paper they purchase and use each year, opting for more sustainable products when available. Even small steps can go a long way towards protecting the planet from further harm.

Wet wipes can clog your drains

Wet wipes may seem like a convenient way to clean, but they pose a serious threat to the environment. In reality, wet wipes are not designed to break down in the water. When flushed or dumped into the drain, they can become lodged in our pipes and eventually cause clogs - allowing raw sewage to backflow into our waterways.

This results in further pollution of our oceans, rivers and lakes - thus contaminating fish, drinking water and other natural resources for ourselves and future generations. Practising sustainable habits is essential if we wish to protect our planet. Instead of using wet wipes, let’s look into alternatives like bidets and smart toilet seats that won’t harm the environment or result in avoidable damage.

Bidets negate the need for wet wipes

The use of wet wipes has become increasingly popular over the years, but they come with a host of environmental and health risks. Over time, the environmental impact of wet wipes has become more pronounced as non-biodegradable plastic becomes a growing global strain on our environment. But where do we turn to clean up after using the restroom?

Bidets are an increasingly attractive option for those looking for an eco-friendly and effective solution. A variety of bidet models can be found on the market today, ranging from simple handheld sprayers to electronic toilet seats fitted with heated seats and dryers.

In terms of sanitation, bidets eliminate concerns about cross-contamination as we don’t come into contact with potentially germ-laden wet wipes anymore. Investing in a bidet ultimately means a healthier and greener option compared to traditional toilet paper and the emotional burden that comes with using wet wipes.

Smart toilet seats have a drier function so no paper is required

With the bidet toilet seat, you no longer have to worry about using a full roll of toilet paper for just one trip to the restroom. This smart invention features a drier function, so there's no need for paper at all! Plus, bidet toilet seats provide a more hygienic bathroom experience than traditional toileting methods. They help prevent the spread of germs and make it easier to keep your space sanitary and more comfortable overall.

As a bonus, bidets also help save money over time since they don't require constant replacement of tissue rolls. By investing in one now, you can enjoy hassle-free restroom visits with fewer worries in the future.


Toilet paper can irritate your butt

Many people buy toilet paper without considering all the possible drawbacks it can have. Unfortunately, this carelessness can lead to a major problem: irritated skin around the buttocks! Toilet paper can cause skin irritation due to many different factors, including its rough texture, poor absorbency or even a reaction to harsh chemicals.

Furthermore, some types of toilet tissues contain fragrances that act as irritants when they come into contact with the skin. To avoid butt friction and irritation caused by toilet paper, it is advisable to choose a softer and more absorbent product, ideally, one that has little or no added fragrance. Additionally, you should only use what is necessary to achieve the desired results; too much wiping can exacerbate the issue and make an irritating situation even worse.

bathroom interior with bidet

A bidet will gently clean

A bidet is a special bathroom fixture that offers great benefits to its users. It provides a gentle and clean experience, safely and hygienically cleansing the user with water delivering a comfortable and refreshing sensation. With a bidet, you no longer have to use harsh toilet paper, which can be irritating to your skin. The bidet eliminates the worry of separate showers or scrubbing, allowing for more time to spend caring for the other important areas of your life.

Additionally, the bidet's unique design conserves water and uses it in an environmentally friendly way by providing water only when needed - giving you peace of mind in knowing that you are eliminating unnecessary waste from your day-to-day routine.

A smart toilet seat is even heated

With technology improving by the day, bidet toilet seats have become one of the latest and greatest must-haves for many modern households. What's more, a bidet toilet seat is not only functional, it's even luxurious: some bidet toilet seats are even heated for added comfort. This provides the user with an enhanced level of control over their personal hygiene needs and creature comforts.

Furthermore, having a bidet toilet seat can also help to save money in the long run due to decreased need for paper products such as wipes and toilet paper. And so if you're looking to combine luxury and practicality in one neat package, then look no further than investing in a bidet toilet seat with a heated feature.

a smart bidet toilet seat


A bidet can reduce the risk of haemorrhoids

For anyone who has ever experienced the painful, itchy discomfort of haemorrhoids, being informed that a bidet can reduce the risk of this malady is surely welcome news. The gentle cleaning action of a bidet can help soothe existing haemorrhoids and also limit their recurrence.

Using a bidet to cleanse the area following bowel movements helps keep the delicate skin around the anus free from bacteria and other irritants while providing relief from the lack of moisture and friction that frequently contribute to irritation and inflammation in this area. In addition to comforting existing haemorrhoids, regular use of a bidet may help prevent their formation in those prone to them.

A bidet can prevent an itchy bum

An itchy bum is an embarrassing and common problem caused by a variety of factors such as poor hygiene, lack of moisture, dry skin, and even underlying medical conditions. Taking regular showers is one way to eliminate the feeling of an itchy bum but one solution that has become increasingly popular is installing a bidet. When used correctly, a bidet provides a thorough cleanse without needing excess soap or scrubbing which helps prevent the sensation of itching.

In addition to essentially being like “buttock showering”, a bidet can also help with other problems such as relieving soreness, maintaining hygiene around sensitive areas, and saving money on toilet paper by needing less. Therefore if you’re looking for a simple and convenient way to keep your bottom feeling fresh and itch-free all day long then investing in a bidet may be the way to go.

A smart toilet seat is the most hygienic option

Smart toilet seats offer the highest level of hygiene and are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to reduce the need for contact with common surfaces. They use a seat cover that is opened and closed automatically during use, removing any possibility of the spread of bacteria or germs that can often be found on standard toilet seats.

Smart toilet seat covers are also easy to clean and keep maintained, meaning users can trust that any risk of cross-contamination is minimised. Furthermore, they come in an array of styles and colours to suit any bathroom décor, making them a great addition to any home.


So, which is better? Bidet or toilet paper? The answer to this question depends on your personal preference. Some people find bidets more hygienic and comfortable while others prefer the feeling of toilet paper. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what’s right for you. Have you tried using a bidet before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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