6 Health Benefits of Bidets & Smart Toilets

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about bidets. After all, they’re just a luxury, right? Wrong! Bidets offer a host of health benefits that you can’t get from toilet paper alone. Smart toilets offer even more benefits, so read on to find out why you should upgrade your throne today.

What is a bidet?

A bidet is a personal hygiene system that is most commonly found in Europe and some parts of Asia, like Japan. It is a bathroom sink or bowl that can spray water to help clean off after using the toilet or for other bathroom functions.

Today, bidets are becoming more popular in the UK due to the release of bidet toilet seats. Now, bidet-style cleansing can be achieved at home without having to remodel a bathroom. Bidet toilet seats are easy to install and use warm water jets, adjustable bidet settings, warm air drying and deodorising features. The bidet seat offers people a more hygienic alternative compared to traditional toilet paper to achieve an optimal level of daily cleanliness.

1) Bidets are more hygienic than toilet paper

Bidets are often hailed for their superior hygienic benefits compared to using toilet paper. Being able to direct water toward areas used for personal hygiene can be a much more effective cleaning option than relying on rough and potentially abrasive paper that might not reach as well as we want it to. That's why bidets are becoming increasingly popular, especially since many models are now easy to install and perfect for bathrooms of all sizes.

2) Bidets keep your hands clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and the bidet works hard to make sure that you adhere to that principle no matter your bathroom habits. It offers a convenient solution for keeping your hands germ-free through its integrated water jet shower which can be customised to fit any preference. Trying the bidet even just once will completely change how you think about using the restroom, as it relieves the need to constantly use paper towels or dry your hands after each session. 

And on top of being hygienic, its eco-friendly capabilities make it an excellent alternative for taking care of our environment too. With its energy efficiency and control of water usage, investing in a bidet is an act of sustainability that’s well worth the effort.

modern bathroom with black tiles and white bidet

3) Bidets can lower the risk of haemorrhoids

We've all heard about the positive health benefits of using bidets. In addition to being more hygienic than ordinary toilet paper, a study has found that people who use bidets may be less likely to suffer from haemorrhoids, a common and very painful digestive condition. Bidets allow for a jet of water to wash away the bacteria and toxins which can lead to uncomfortable haemorrhoids.

This means that users are taking care of their bottoms in a way that traditional wiping cannot. The gentle stream of water can cleanse the area much better than any other method, vastly reducing the risks associated with this unfortunate ailment. With increased hygiene comes increased health, so why not invest in a bidet today?

4) Bidets can prevent an itchy bum

Have you ever experienced severe and persistent itchiness after a visit to the bathroom? If so, it's time you started educating yourself on bidets! Bidets are special fixtures that use jets of water to help clean and freshen your posterior. Utilising a bidet can help prevent an itchy bum by improving personal hygiene and preventing unnecessary irritation from rough toilet paper. 

The natural cleansing action of the water does a better job of getting rid of any remnants left behind, leaving one feeling noticeably cleaner than would be achieved without one. And perhaps most importantly, using less toilet paper aids in avoiding skin irritation and lets that precious forest remain intact! Investing in a bidet is something worth considering for those looking to have better hygiene and avoid an uncomfortable experience post-potty break.

5) Bidets are better for your pipes

Bidets are quickly becoming a popular choice in bathrooms across the UK because they are far better for your plumbing than regular toilet paper. Not only does the high water pressure of a bidet do an excellent job at cleaning and reaching those hard-to-reach spots, but it also helps reduce wear and tear on pipes and drainage systems. Thus, getting a bidet means you won’t contribute to pipe clogs caused by toilet paper buildup and can even save you money in the long run through fewer plumbing repairs or replacements.

Add a modern touch to your bathroom today by investing in a bidet - not only will you feel cleaner after every use, but it may also save you from pesky plumbing problems down the line.

6) Bidets are better for the environment

The importance of caring for the environment has become increasingly relevant in modern society. One way to reduce your ecological footprint is by investing in a bidet. Bidets use significantly less water than traditional toilet paper and have a much lower environmental impact when used regularly. Additionally, nearly 10% of worldwide deforestation is contributed to the production of toilet paper, making the transition from relying on toilet paper to using a bidet much more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Although it may seem strange if you’ve never tried one before, bidets are quite simple and easy to use; not to mention they provide a much cleaner feeling than solely relying on toilet paper for personal hygiene. By adding a bidet to your daily practices, you can contribute to saving the environment and protecting your health at the same time.


Are bidets good for your colon?

Using a bidet for personal hygiene has been popular in many countries around the world for centuries, and it has recently gained traction in the United Kingdom. While bidets can serve several purposes including promoting better hygiene, they can also be very beneficial to the health of your colon. In particular, the warm water jets often found in bidets help to gently massage the colon, which helps stimulate natural digestive reflexes that assist with bowel movements.

This can help reduce faecal impaction and promote healthier stools. Bidets may also provide relief from digestive problems like haemorrhoids or constipation by easing the strain on the rectum with soothing water pressure. As such, using a bidet is often recommended for people who have difficulty with regular excretions.

Is a bidet better than wiping?

Whether you're a seasoned bidet user or someone who has never heard of one, the answer is yes: bidets are far superior to wiping. There are several reasons why relying on nothing but toilet paper is inadequate, the most prominent being that it does not provide the thorough cleanse that bidets can offer. Using a bidet after going to the bathroom completely reduces bacteria and odours in a way that wipes simply cannot withstand.

Bidets also save time and money through their efficient cleaning process - no more hoarding rolls of toilet paper! In addition to all these practical benefits, many find that using a bidet also provides peace of mind knowing that your hygiene needs are taken care of and handled with utmost care.

Can bidets cause infections in women?

With the increasing prevalence of bidets in bathrooms everywhere, many women have raised questions about their efficacy and safety. The consensus is that bidets are far less likely to cause infections than other traditional methods since they provide a direct stream of water to clean areas that are hard to reach with toilet paper.

However, it is recommended that the bidet's nozzle needs to be positioned correctly so that it does not spray towards the vulva area or into the vagina, as this might contribute to infections. All these precautions should help ensure the safe and hygienic use of a bidet for women.


If you’re still on the fence about bidets, hopefully, we’ve shown you that there are many health benefits to using them. Not only do they make your life easier and more comfortable, but they can also improve your overall health.

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